What Not to Wear to Court

If you think it is a fashion show going to court, then you are reading the wrong article.  You are entering the Halls of the Conservative Attire.  You are there to do business, get a divorce.
When I first went to court, it was nothing like what you see on TV.
Canadian court is a whole different ball game.  Every time someone enters or left the courtroom, they bowed to the Judge.  

So, I suggest don’t wear anything that will reveal anything when you bow to the Judge or anyone else in the courtroom.  No low blouses or short skirts!  Stick to clothing that covers up rather than exposes you.  No one wants to see your underwear, no matter how cute or sex you think it is.  Not going to fly with the people of the court.
It is not Friday night party time!  Dressing like you are about to have an all-nighter is not the way to go.  You might have trouble even entering the courthouse.  Keep your party outfits in your closet.  
Yoga Zen is also not going to help you either.   Yoga pants are not going to help you with your Zen in the courtroom.  They should never be worn and left in your closet for when you do need a Zen moment.      
Going to the beach is also not where you will be headed.   Keep your summer dress, spaghetti straps, crop tops, t-shirts, cut jeans, shorts, and hats locked away at home.   Be prepared for some cold weather if you enter the courthouse looking like a beach bunny.  
Sitting on not very comfortable chairs for long periods, wearing something that is too tight, is not fun.  You don’t want to be a distraction when you are trying to loosen your pants or zip them up when you must take a stand.  Wear clothing that feels comfortable when sitting.
When looking through your closet to find the right things to wear remember that it is very conservative place you are going to.   Stick to items that are simple, not very colourful, no wording or pictures, nothing too tight or loose.
Jeans, I like them, but really would you wear them to church or a job interview.  Before you say yes, because I know that in some places Jeans are considered dress pants.   I have lived in those places.  My Uncle Jerry from Oklahoma, a hardworking country man who worked the land, wore his starched jeans and cowboy boots to my cousins wedding and my wedding.  His jeans were so starched that they could stand without him in them.  So when I see people with jeans on, I see the hard working Jerry’s of the world.  Just to be on the safe side, no jeans! 
What about your feet?  Well, you are not going to the beach, running a marathon, nor going to a party so keep those flip-flops, sandals, spike heels and tennis shoes at home.  Close-toe dress shoes, nothing fancy.  Make sure they are comfy because you might have to do a lot of walking and standing.   Such as walk to the courthouse, search for your room, find out they changed your room number, go back to where the listings are and search again for your room, and break times: Coffee & Lunch breaks.  During these breaks you are going to want to take a walk out of there just to get your head back on straight.  Or have lunch somewhere.    
I remember wearing the most uncomfortable dress shoes, the only band aids I has were cute kid band aids which I plastered all over my feet, my lawyer just stared at my feet.  Wow I felt awkward.  That was the last time I wore those bad boys.
Hygiene is such a touchy topic, but I’m just going to say it.  No one likes sitting next to the smelly person on the bus.  Same thing applies here, take a shower! Wash, dry and comb your hair.   If it has been a long time, get a haircut and remove any crazy hair colour.  Brush your teeth.  Trim and clean your fingernails, remove any wild nail polish.  Wear deodorant because you will be perspiring or sweating.  And clean your clothes!  These are some tips I tell my smelly teen every day.  Let’s just say she is the smelly person on the bus.  
Tattoos and piercings are ways people express themselves.  You will not be expressing yourself in court, so remove excess piercings & jewelry before you walk into court, less is better.  Tattoos are also very popular where I live, there is a tattoo parlor on almost every block.  Just exaggerating, but I can think of 2 that are less then a block away from me.  Covering some of your tattoos up with clothing or makeup.  Less is better.  What you might think as beautiful might turn someone else off.    


What have you learned?  Do the best you can and answer the ones that are best suited for your court appearance. 
  1. Yoga Pants 
  2. Dress pants
  3. Open toe shoes
  4. Hats
  5. Blouse or dress shirt
  6. Wild hair colours
  7. Earrings 
  8. Spaghetti straps
  9. Hoodie
  10. Clean clothes


1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9 (NO)
2, 5, 7, 10 (YES)


  1. Yoga Pants (too tight) NO
  2. Dress Pants (make sure the fit while sitting) YES
  3. Open toe shoes NO
  4. Hats (are for the sun or to finish your look, but they are not working for you in court) NO
  5. Blouse or dress shirt (make sure it is not too tight) Yes
  6. Wild hair colours (Distraction) NO
  7. Earrings (Nothing wrong with simple pair) YES
  8. Spaghetti straps (It isn’t the beach) NO
  9. Hoodie (Hiding in your hoodie is not an option) NO
  10. Clean clothes (don’t be the smelly person on the bus) YES
Let me know if you got 100% on the Quiz.  

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