Can Anyone Tell Me How Long Does the Sadness Last?

Loss can be so difficult to overcome. It seems like an endless cycle of ups and downs. You remember all your hopes and dreams you once had, which are now thrown out the window. 

Everything is changing quickly and there is no way to slow it down.
You might have anger raging through you.


You might have sadness flowing through you.

Or both.

So how do you get through this? What do you do to start to feel like your old self?

I know when my ex told me that he wanted a divorce. My whole body crumbled into itself. I felt this sudden feeling of spinning out of control.

I begged and pleaded with him not do this. We tried to work things out, but I just didn’t believe him nor trust him anymore. What ever happened between us, just couldn’t be mended. 

Getting back on my feet again was a long process. I had no money, no job, and I was living in a room at my parents’ home. 

I also was suffering from depression. Something that I never felt before, it was a dark place that I hope never to return to again.

It took me about a year to realize that I needed to get out of this funk. All my joy was sucked out of me. I had to find my joy again.

So, I started a challenge with myself, which help me through the process of divorce. These are some of the activities that I tried because I just wanted to find myself again.

Find someone who could help:

a. Through my emotions
b. Find a place to help with food
c. Medical

Go out with my friends more often or volunteer in the community

Try different types of jobs: 

a. Painted houses
b. Declutter houses
c. Clean houses
d. Work as an assistant to a wedding planner
e. Bookkeeper
f. Worked in a chocolate store
g. Learned how to make chocolate 

Took different types of classes:

a. Cooking classes
b. Tai Chi classes
c. Yoga classes
d. Body Building
e. Bookkeeping
f. Expressive Art Therapy
g. Divorce Coaching 

Tried new things

a. Got a massage
b. Manicure & pedicure
c. Took many walks to nowhere

So, to answer the question, “How long does it take?” Well, it depends on you. Are you ready to step outside and start your new life now? 

You can sit around complaining to everyone how much you can’t stand your ex for destroying your life for the next 30 years. 
Or you can do something about it. Book your complimentary call.

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