How I Survived Christmas Without my Daughter

I remember how quiet it was in my house.  No silly giggles anywhere.  No kid messes to be seen.  Just me alone on the coach.  My mind running a 1000 times per minute.
Winter is a tough time.  Cold and dark making it that more depressing.  
So, what did I do?  How did I get off the coach?
It took time, but the first thing I started to do was make plans with my friends.  It was tough at first getting out of the house.  When I was with my friends, I felt so good.  I realized that I missed being with them.  I started to look forward to my kid free times. 
Another salvation was my weekly Tai Chi classes, which I have been taking for the past 10 years.  It is the most amazing feeling going through the process.  Your body just flows through the positions.  If you think too much, you will make mistakes. So your mind has to quiet down.  

The next fun activity, I started again was working on my hobbies.  Really difficult to do when my 8-year-old is wanting my attention all the time.  I cleaned out a space in the garage for my mama craft area.  It was an amazing little spot.  I spent hours out there, listening to music and creating.  
It wasn’t easy the first time she left during Christmas or any holiday, but it got easier.  I started to enjoy my kid free time and I really looked forward to it.   I made sure I planned my time wisely because time flies by.

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